Friday, June 12, 2015

The perspective of one's life...

It’s your scent and the touch that defines me,
the pleasure in solitude we find together.
Ain't what we have thought of, 
it's not what we have gone through
simply the way we find ourself, loving each other

I won't say, i have seen the future, 
Or, i have been there,
I won't say, I am an Oracle, 
wont say I am the one...

but I would say, 
Every kiss, is like the last kiss of life.
Every moment is the flash of lifetime
Drifting away in the magical night of your eyes, 
Holding hand together is indefeasible

The small actions of your mighty expression
Nothing much to say, nothing is there to pretend
Listening your heartbeat all through the night
Falling asleep, my head on your chest
Your scent and your touch mesmerises my skin

It’s your scent and touch that defines me...

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