Thursday, February 3, 2011

Invisible Fences

I am reading a book of Robin Sharma, what an amazing writer, but I will like to call him phenomenal observer. This post is dedicated to the thoughts which he was able to implant in
my cerebellum.

why we avoid change? why we don't innovate? why we don't express the genius residing within us? why we choose to simple life and avoid challenges? why we choose to leave the discussion or conflicts? - The reason "Invisible Fences".

Have you ever seen a military officer training his dog? if not then let me explain for you..
It spoke on of an invisible fence. It's a system that sets an invisible boundary that the dog can't get past. The dog eventually become conditioned so that even when the fence is gone, it will not run beyond it. The dog sets up an imaginary limits that determine its reality.
We are like that too. As we grow up, we adopt negative beliefs and false assumptions and sabotaging fears from the world around us. These become our invisible fences. We believe that they are real. When we bump up against them at work(and in life), we retreat. We believe the boundary is true. So we shrink from all we are meant to be/do/have. The illusion seems so real. But its not.

Watch a 2 year old baby, is he afraid of doing anything, or does he think that what will be the consequence of the actions he is taking,
NO.. and this is the big reason, why a baby starts Crawling then walking and finally running...
They don't set their limits, and if they will, trust me they will never grow.

Don't Set your limits - Setting limits and analyzing too much results a very narrow path which leads to grow but "rationally".
Extraordinary people are ordinary people with extra imagination. They are failed thousand of times but still they continue doing it, that is what we call courage.
I remember a quote from Thomas Edition when he was asked by a journalist:
"Sir, How do you feel when you failed 10,000 times before this greatest invention."
He smiled and replied "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.".

No great life was ever built on a foundation of excuses. My elder brother, I adore him, and he is one of my ideals, I remember when I was in 10th going to give my exam, He asked me something and I gave some excuse for not doing that.... He replied "We have forty million reasons(excuses) for not doing, but only one reason for completing the task, and that is I Had to".
Successful people don't make excuses. They create results. And no great life was ever built on foundation of excuses. Most of them are self created delusions, designed to help you avoid doing the things you are afraid to do. Yes, beneath every excuse lives a fear.
A fear of changing, unknown, failure, success.

"No matter what life sends us, we are the responsible for the way we respond"
- Rohit Sharma
We truly are. We can own our reaction. We can choose what we do with the situation. We can be bitter, or show up better. Tons of choices - at all times. Starting with our words, choosing them well, positive attitude & open mind...

Life is Beautiful

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