Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daring or Excitement or Adventure or Personality

Do you drink and drive, gamble, or sleep with strangers? It's not just a behavior. It's a personality.

She lives for excitement. She dies of boredom when life becomes too predictable. She has a wide circle of friends but no tolerance for dullards. She likes meeting exciting new people, even if she knows that they are unreliable. She smokes and drinks hard—and parties heavily on weekends with Ecstasy, or any new drug that appears on the scene. She thinks nothing of going to bed with someone she just met, without obtaining character references or condoms. She has a Porsche that she She also likes to gamble at the casino—often losing more than she can afford.
She's behavior encompasses many kinds of risk. In the long term, the most dangerous of her activities are smoking and drinking. There are nearly 80 times as many deaths per year from tobacco and alcohol as from cocaine and heroin. But She thinks only of today's gratifications, not their associated dangers.

"She" is a fictional character, but she represents a kind of general risk-taker, one whose behavior encompasses many different activities. Such broad-spectrum risk-takers not only exist, I have discovered, but have a distinctive personality makeup that is the product of both genes and experience. It is important to identify such people because they create significant public health problems, for others as well as themselves. But for all the danger they put themselves in, they personify—perhaps magnify is more precise—a human trait that is very much responsible for our survival as a species.

Over these weeks, I have studied about personality traits, I have seen various personalities attracted towards doing things way out of their culture & tradition.
One of my friend wrote:
"I do bad things sometimes. I seem to have an attraction to them. I try to make up for it though, that's about all one can do." and few of my best buddies accepted the fact.
"Risk taking or doing wrong things is not the main point of sensation-seeking behavior; it is merely the price such people pay for certain kinds of activities that satisfy their need for novelty, change and excitement. In fact, many of the things that high sensation-seekers do are not at all risky. They enjoy high-intensity rock music, view Sex and horror films, travel to exotic places, and party without drugs" Sensation-seeking can also extend to the physical, involving unusual or extreme sports such as skydiving, hang gliding, scuba diving, auto racing, rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. An interest in participating in such sports describes one subcategory of sensation-seeking: thrill- and adventure-seeking.
- Writes a psychologist.
Some psychologists have suggested that risk-taking is linked to Neuroticism, a personality trait. They see it as an expression of neurotic conflict, a form of acting out or counter-phobic behavior. Our previous research on physical risk-taking refutes such an explanation; it suggests that risk-takers do not expressly exhibit traits of neuroticism or anxiety.
So, people who are like "SHE" are of that personality, its not habit.

High-risk behaviors like reckless driving, an antisocial activity if ever there was one, are a vehicle for expressing aggressiveness and hostility. Or perhaps risk-taking might be just an expression of a generalized need for activity itself, as is the case with hyperactive individuals, who provide their own stimulation through activity to overcome boredom.

Yet many risky activities, such as drinking and drug use, are done in a social setting. So it is possible that these activities, particularly in a college population, may be related to sociability. I look at college students, when I was in college there was a friend of mine and few of my friends were engaged in some or all kinds of risky activities like: smoking, drinking, drugs, sexual behavior, reckless driving.

Now I ask a question: Is there indeed such a thing as a generalized risk-taking tendency? and if so, what type of personality traits are associated with this tendency?
There is a question I asked with a psychologist friend was: whether the six arenas of risk are interrelated, pointing to a concept of generalized risk-taking.

As it turned out, smoking, drinking, sex and drugs work in tandem with each other. Among both males and females, students who did one tended to do the others.

you can answer on your own, with your experience.

As a single guy, I use to go to the parties, I don't drink, I don't smoke, hence I know the difference between being in senses and senseless deeds. I like dancing with girls, but I definitely know what is the limit. Drunk girls can easily be loosed and ultimately they end up sleeping with other guy. I have experienced two different statements with a same girl, while drinking and smoking and the next morning.

Drinking, Smoking, One night stands, Gambling etc. are not part of adventure, it is something stupid that will make you regret once in a while in your lifetime. If doing this for fun or you love to do it, then just do it, relating this to adventure is wrong.

As far as risk taking and adventure is concerned,

Start a business,
Horse ride,
adventure Sports,
Go to Everest, north and South pole,
Leave your parent's home to build your own,
make your dream your life,
and all these things needs your 100% sense,
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so what about alcohol?

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