Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Twitter is a hit!?

Why Twitter??

Let me ask you first, Why are you on twitter?

To get the updates of the person whom you like?
To check whom your bf/gf is talking to or following?
To get the latest News?
To know what is new in the world?
To fill a vent of your life by being omnipresent?
Or just like that?

There can be infinite reasons, and may be all of them can be true, or may be you are just faking it.

Anyway coming to the point, why I think Twitter is not too good but its a good thing,

Someone says..... "Twitter is a giant time suck!"

"Seriously, let’s say you have 4,267 followers. Do you really think that anyone is reading your tweets? Do you read the tweets from your 4,267 followers? Other than a spamy DM (that’s Direct Message for you newbies), have any of your followers ever contacted you, or bought something from you? "

Point 1-

If you have 4267 followers, you are a Hero, and you shouldn't talk like this,

Dell has more than 20 profiles on Twitter, with more than 15,00,000 at Max and 398 at Minimum followers, whom they keep track on sec basis, they reply and understand queries of each and every user and are helping them.

I am not going to tell you all what exactly Dell and Consumers are getting,because you are intelligent enough to understand. If not then Leave the topic... :)

Point 2

If you have 4267 followers, how the hell in this world YOU will be able to get their tweets, they are your followers, you are not following them!

Companies do contact the customer, friends do contact their friends, I do contact some interesting people and my "ex" that is the whole point, why the hell will someone will contact some stupid uninteresting person, and if you are telling me even after having "4267" followers, none of them contact you, hoh man! what are you??

Some Says.....
"What is the purpose? Why would you tweet a message to 4,267 followers knowing that if you were truly blessed that possibly 2 people might actually see your message, stop what they’re doing and give thanks that YOU just finished a bagel at Starbucks?
What am I missing here? How could such a time-wasting application gain such popularity? If no one’s reading, but everyone’s tweeting, what is the purpose? Who gains what? Tweeting is like cooking a chicken and tossing it out the window. YOU feel good about your accomplishment, but no one knows you did it and you just wasted time for nothing. "
I agree with this para, but not truly, I see people tweeting every single second, I don't see that happening in this environment, it sometimes pisses me off too, but I see some sensible tweeters tweeting some sensible stuff at a particular time interval.
Free Suggestion (Don't overdo it)

Although again coming to the point, Twitter is a success because Facebook doesn't have an unlike button and followers are not your friend,
you clear out your frustration in here, because you can't do it on Facebook or on anybody's face because their are friends and family.

Twitter has Huge potential, I don't think for utilizing the potential their should be A Million followers, it's about using the source at it's full, in India actually there is no case study which can show you the true potential of twitter,

I feel that the area is still to define... 99% user are using twitter for a bull-shit reason, believe it or not, but just check their tweets, what relevancy and add-ons you find in their tweet in respect to their life, it's just too much noise with nothing good in it.

But I can see the future, with relevant followers who are interested in learning & understanding and following relevant company or people...

Right now what it is, it's a TREND, very soon it is going to become a need, and once it will take that Shape you can clearly feel the difference.

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